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Serial No: K-004 Categories ,
PUBG AWM Gun Key Chain, Red Sniper

AFN 270

Product Description

A limited-edition 1/6 scale replica AWM from Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. If you are a fan of the AWM don’t miss your chance at getting this awesome keychain.

Item Type:  1/6 Scale Replica Keychain
Material: Metal

Color: Red and Gold

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Keychain will be a pleasant surprise for those who are fascinated with cool guns. It will be a good gift for PUBG fans.
The best gift key for PUBG fans is worth giving one of their family gifts. Thank PUBG fans can enjoy my product.
Delicate and beautiful, suitable for the exquisite key chain of PUBG lovers and collectibles.
Let others know that you are also a PUBG game enthusiast and you will become his good friend! Let’s play the game together, Friend.
Features: Metallic vivid gun & Accessory keychain will give you a realistic metal touch and bring.

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